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An exit strategy, either you have it or you are not in the right direction.

Exit strategy, what a powerful expression, and today one of the most popular in the media due to the COVID situation. But not only. It is also one of the most important slides in your pitch deck. Anyone working on an investor presentation, stop for a moment. Do you have a reference to EXIT? A strategy, No? Remember one very simple thing: when you refer to investors in order to get an investment and especially if you are in the early stages, you need to have a very clear exit strategy.

Put aside the romance to change the world and put aside the desire to be a unicorn. It might come. But that's not why you should get an investment now. Investors want their money back and the sooner the better. Many will prefer to go out already in Round B / C and almost everyone without exception will want from you an achievable reference to M&A or IPO. Do you want to get an investment? You need to be a venture that presents a very clear vision for EXIT as part of its financial plan.

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