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An investor presentation is a well-paved way to a concrete destination.

Entrepreneurs, you're pitching your startup to an investor?! Stop for a moment and remember Lewis Carroll's masterpiece: "Would you please tell me, which way should I go from here?", "It largely depends on where you want to go," the cat said. "I do not care so much where -" said Alice. "So, no matter which way you go," the cat said. How simple, how amazing ... and yet, I see countless investor presentations that are a wonderful expression of "no matter which way you go".

An investor presentation has a very clear purpose and there is a very clear goal to which you lead the investor. On the way to the destination, you pass a number of central intersections, with a deep and meaningful narrative woven into them like the scarlet thread. You missed a crossroad, your story started to get angles, you did not reach your destination. Remember, you do not just have to get somewhere, this somewhere costs you a lot of money and burns your investor time ... and investors really do not like it.

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