• Lev Mikulitski

Who is the one?

When I meet entrepreneurs, I always ask: Who is your ideal buyer, who is the one you are most likely to attract? Who is the one you are most likely to help with his specific challenge?!

The 1971 Coca-Cola ‘Hilltop’ advertisement is known as one of the best-loved and most influential ads in history. The advertisement featured a multi-cultural group of teenagers singing, “I’d like to teach the world to sing”, and it portrayed a positive message of hope and unity. Harvey Gabor, a member of the original creative team for ‘Hilltop’, says that the lines in the advert talk about the world, but it really speaks to one person. No matter what you’re pitching, selling or talking about, talk to one person. You might want to appeal to a hundred, or even a million, people. Do that by making your idea matter one person at a time. Speak to that person. Start now.

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