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Raise venture capital? Hope is a bad strategy you can apply.

I see a lot of startups raising capital and there is one common denominator that is repeated over and over again - the attempt to hang on to “hope” and even turn it into a guiding strategy. Well, hope cannot be the strategy in this case! Raising from venture capital funds and even from private investors, is a process of "complex sale", a process in which you entrepreneurs sell shares of your company and therefore requires careful planning from who you sell to, how you sell it, through the way your venture is presented, the perception you create, to negotiation , TS issuance, and the closure.

Do not forget, for investors, your venture is a "financial tool", through which they strive to generate capital, much more capital. So beyond the passion that your venture needs to generate among the relevant investors, it needs to answer two principle questions: how your venture is going to make money for your investors and what are all the risk reduction elements that will give them the confidence you can actually do that. Raising money for your venture today? Hope is only good if you have an accurate strategy.

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