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February 18, 2017

February 17, 2017

February 17, 2017

February 6, 2017

February 4, 2017

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The Growth Factor of AI

February 17, 2017

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Cloud Marketing as a Strategy

April 21, 2017


Today in an innovation-driven digital economy, you need to adopt the cloud marketing as a strategy (CMAS) whether you run an insurance company, an online grocery store, or an automotive manufactory. Marketing cloud should not be seen as another tool in marketing manager tool box, but a crucial part of the overall business strategy. 

Here is why;

Your vertical just got challenged; your customers have better options, your technology is old news and believe it or not, you are not the next management guru. Some businesses just manage their resources better than you do; they already gone through a digital transformation, supreme AI tools run their demand challenges with minimum human supervision, and most of their intellectual resources concentrate on developing better products or services and delivering a greater value for their customers. What can you do about it?

But there is more;

Let’s go back to basics. Why you need a digital strategy at all? And how does it link to the core of your business? The simple truth is that without a well defined, clear, yet flexible strategic approach, you’ll miss opportunities and lose customers and business. Without a coherent strategy of creating demand, engagement, and retention through digital channels, your business might be left behind. So having a clearly defined strategy will help to keep you focused on your core, ensuring that your resources are always aligned with your business goals. This is exactly when you need a marketing cloud.

Remember asking yourself at least once in a month; what your business is all about? I bet, it is not about marketing or advertising or using any specific marketing tool, but delivering a great value; a value that matters through products you produce and services you provide. If it makes sense for you, you’ll find it game-changing to adopt CMAS within your business. 

Some inputs for your consideration;

Cloud computing has taken over the digital marketing world. According to IBM study, organizations that embrace the cloud double their revenue growth two times higher than companies unaware of the cloud computing and also double their profit in the next 3 years.

Business marketers know that cloud computing can deliver higher ROI, so they immerse themselves in cloud decisions and look for ways to deploy cloud solutions. The business impact of CMAS is quite clear;

a.    Multi-channel integration; connecting media and communication channels, but also campaign planning and development. Better insights into campaign performance, to help prove marketing accountability and tie revenue to campaign results.

b.    Improved lead generation; maximized work efficiency, and the ability of marketing and sales departments to manage their prospect interactions and online marketing campaigns in one centralized and user-friendly platform.

c.    Maximum control; personalized and accountable tracking of marketing and sales touchpoints through the consumer lifecycle, with solutions automatically programmed to manage prospect behavior and activity in real time, nurturing leads to the point of sales-readiness and beyond.

d.    Personalization and Targeting; Increased relevancy of sales and marketing messaging, with profile and audience tools that offer customizable campaign development and messaging deployments built around the data you’ve collected from multiple data streams on our most valuable prospects and customers.

e.    Real-Time Inputs; prediction, trends, and history Inputs allow companies to spot opportunities and deploy the technology to gain a massive and competitive advantage in today’s market. 

What’s there on the market;

It all starts with your needs; usually, if you are an Enterprise or at least a grown-up medium size business, you’ll find the “aggregated marketing clouds” to be a better option for you. The reason for this is the fact that they are made of different components which could be separately or altogether integrated into the very heart of your business. Finally, different companies demand different types of marketing software solutions. To understand well which solution fits your needs, think about reviewing various solutions feature by feature through the glasses of your exact needs. Here are three recommended solutions for your business to consider;


Adobe Marketing Cloud;

Digital marketing platform with a complete set of integrated solutions. It provides everything you need to organize, access, and personalize your marketing content. It gives you deep insights into what’s working with your customers and the ability to consistently deliver the best experiences to every customer across every channel. Also, with Adobe you’ll build the personal digital experiences that your customers demand, without dealing with the inefficiencies and inaccuracies that slow you down.

Adobe’s digital foundation puts you in complete control with a unified set of products that work perfectly together. Since all the available solutions within Adobe are built on one platform, they work perfectly together; they share data and work flows effortlessly — which saves you time, hassles, and resources.


Finally, Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you all the tools you need to get the deepest insights into your customers, so you can build personalized campaigns and manage all your assets. With its 360-degree view of every customer, it can literally predict what your customers want, when they want it, and how.  And because it’s fully integrated, it makes all your data accessible so every interaction can benefit from all your insights.


SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud;

SAP Hybris has been positioned as a leader in the 2017 Gartner for Multichannel Campaign Management Magic Quadrant report. SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud suite focuses on customer journey management and execution across marketing and with a great focus related to B2C AND B2B commerce. 

In respect to B2C commerce, your customers demand a convenient, fast shopping experience that looks great and works wherever they are. SAP Hybris Commerce for B2C can help you deliver the consistent and personalized experiences that will turn them from customers into fans while giving you the tools to respond quickly to their changing needs.

In respect to B2B commerce, you’ll be able to deliver a B2C-caliber experience. This commerce solution can give your customers seamless opportunities to buy at every stage of their journey, no matter the complexity of your business.

B2C style personalization and targeting let you exploit new market opportunities, and the ability to manage an extended ecosystem of suppliers, distributors, and partners and support multiple business models on a single platform helps keep things simple and costs down.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud;

Salesforce’s in its heart is a CRM platform, or at least what most of us may think. Today, however, it’s much more than that. Salesforce’s Einstein is an Artificial intelligence (AI) and it is a game changer that’s transforming the very foundation of how you may run your business. Einstein is your data scientist, and it learns from all your data sources and delivers predictions and recommendations based on your unique business processes. In some cases, it even automates tasks for you, freeing up time for you to connect with your customers.

Besides the power of AI, with Salesforce, you’ll build and manage any kind of email campaign, automate your marketing to scale your capabilities and reach customers with relevant messaging. You will also create landing pages, track visitor behavior, deliver personalized web content, and trigger emails in real time. Finally, you’ll create 1-to-1 customer journeys across email, mobile, social, ads, and the web, mastering every aspect of customer touchpoints.


Final words;

Today, in order to grow your business, you need to grow lifetime value of your customers in a smart way. Consumers don’t just demand great experiences with your business offering, they expect it. So you have to target, attract, and acquire customers, using the very best resources available.  It’s not an option anymore; you have to stand out with your customers and be able to deliver a greater experience with the core of your business. Adopting cloud marketing as a strategy will help you concentrate on what really important and be able to give your customers what they require. 

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